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The team at Sky technologies knows that being provocateurs and challenging assumptions is what catalyzes new ways of thinking. And new ways of thinking are what lead to the free form experimentation and fresh perspectives that result in design innovation. It doesn’t mean we reject all traditional forms and concepts. We simply attempt to reimagine them in a more relevant context. It is within this tension between historical value and modern invention that Sky Technologies operates.Our Denver based design studio has a reputation for interdisciplinary work across the fields of architecture, interior and product design. The firm has conceived and executed residential, retail and commercial projects from coast to coast. The firm’s environmental sympathies are expressed in their conscientious selection of materials, and echoed in its appreciation for original architecture and its elements. The true virtuosity of Sky Technologies work comes from collaboration—the meeting of minds: with each other, with our clients and with other members of the creative community. Since its inception, Sky Technologies has worked with artists and craftsmen from across the U.S. in an effort to deliver thoughtful and well executed projects.

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